Basement Remodeling Time?

pool tableOften times a basement is the first thing that is sacrificed in a house when it comes to storing unused household items. A lot of these items continue to add up more and more after the years and the basement that was once a utilized space becomes a storage facility.

After years of letting your basement become an unused storagegraveyard – you decide it’s time for a basement remodel.

Having a finished basement will benefit not only your famil by providing an additional living area, it also increases the value of your home. According to Remodeling Online Magazine, a finished basement currently adds value to a house equal to about 75% of the cost of the job.

Provided are some suggestions on basement remodeling ideas from Indianapolis Remodeling Company, Aeschliman Remodeling and Construction.

1. Build an entertainment space

Basements usually have the most space in the house and are a great place to entertain guests. Make an inviting social space by bringing in comfortable home funrishings and warm lighting. Bring in the electronics by incorporating a nice surround sound system and home entertainment center.

2. Make a children’s play room

Another great basement remodeling suggestion would be designing a space for the children to run around. A play room would be a great way to give the kids a space of their own filled with their own toys and furniture.

3. Develop a home bar

Ever wanted to bring the bar to your place? Have a space where you and your friends can enjoy a few cocktails in the comfort of your own home? A great way to utilize your basement to entertain guests would be developing a bar space equip with a fridge, sink and all the storage essentials for the numerous bottles you’ll have.

4. Create a home gym

Save yourself the money of having to pay for a gym monthly gym membership by building a home gym. Gather up the gym equipment that you have – or go purchase all the essential items you need to build the home gym that fits your needs. Free weights, cardio machines, or even functional fitness equipment can all be made to fit your new basement space.

5.  Design a multipurpose space

There are so many great ideas for a basement remodel – why limit it just one use? Combine the new bar you developed with space for a pool table or an entertainment center. Put your kids things in one corner and your gym equipment in the other. The sky is the limit when you make your unused space family functional!

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