Remodeling Help from Pinterest

5275dd1f78dc026dcd15c0cc2c68ac05Magazines are a part of the past. These days more than ever, when looking into a kitchen remodel, basement remodel, or bathroom remodel, etc. people are turning to their computers.

Popular social networking site Pinterest has become an inspiration to many when it comes to not just baking and sharing cute photos – but also remodeling.

Hardware giants Lowes and Home Depot both have social media accounts established on the social network to give people inspiration as well as remodeling channels HGTV and DIY Network.

Each Pinterest account has different “boards” that contain different subject matters such as Kitchen Ideas & Inspiration, Bathroom Design Ideas and Inspirations.

So what can you do with these boards?

Collect their ideas yourself! Gather ideas from other boards and make your own!

Look over all the popular Pinterest pages, use the search and go through relevant categories. Then take your findings and create your own remodeling board!

By the time you’re ready for your kitchen or basement remodel, you’ll already have a head start. Gather up all your images and show them off to us at Aeschliman Remodeling and Construction.

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 317-710-3925 or email us at We’d love to help you turn that dream board of yours into a reality.


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