Bathroom Christmas Decorations

WeihnachtsdekorationDuring Christmas there are loads of places throughout the house that get attention. Your dining room often serves as the center of where your family comes together to enjoy your holiday meal. Your living or family room might have a nice mantel display with Christmas stocking or a nice wreath over it.

As one of the most frequently used rooms in your house, your bathroom deserves some loving too!

Here are some ideas to remodel your bathroom with festivity!

Light holiday-themed candles – There are numerous Holiday-scented themed candles you can choose from including Christmas Cookie, Christmas Wreath and Holiday. Have them in your bathroom and light them up to bring in the scents of the season!

Place Christmas colored towels out – Green and Red are all around during the holiday season and it should be no exception for the bathroom. In the bathroom – towels take up a lot of space. They can be either decorative towels with intricate Christmas detailing or just plain green and red.

Hang a festive Holiday shower curtain – What’s a big way to show off the holiday spirit? A large Christmas shower curtain! When you have the shower curtain closed – you have a canvas to display your Christmas-themed art throughout the bathroom.

Put down Christmas rug - Bathrooms get quite slippery. Place a large “Merry Christmas”, snowman, reindeer or just a simple Winter-themed rug in the slippery regions of your bathroom. 

These are just a few simple bathroom decorating tips. There are many other things you can do from adding Christmas cups and soap dispensers to having Christmas-themed bathroom spray.

One thing you do have to keep in mind – don’t overdo it! It’s easy to go overboard and turn your house to a Christmas house into a Christmas mess.

Have fun and Happy Holidays!

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