Home Remodeling Trends in 2014

Luxury home kitchen with a granite island.According to the Joint Center for Housing Studies – there are double-digit gains projected in home remodeling in 2014.

More home owners are gaining confidence in the housing market, Eric S. Belsky, managing director of the Joint Center said, “and now are more likely to undertake home improvements they deferred.”

What are some areas people should be focusing on first?

Bathroom Remodeling
These days people are taking the bath out of the bathroom and are focusing on their showers. They are looking towards linear drain bathtubs that keep the bathroom floor level. More and more people are ditching the traditional shower and going the route of having a spa-like atmosphere with walk-in showers and even in-bathroom steam rooms.

One thing popping up in bathrooms is digital showers. What are those? Well, with a digital shower someone can program exactly what they’d like their shower to be temperature and pressure-wise without even having to step into the bathroom. With the use of your iPhone, there are apps such as Crosswater Digital that allow you the connivence of changing the shower on your fingertips.

Note that in Indianapolis, if you remodeled your bathroom you’d have a return of up to 65 percent of the cost of the project in home resale value as reported by Remodeling Magazine.

Kitchen Remodeling
Just like with the bathroom, we’ve done a lot of kitchen remodeling jobs this past year and expect to do many more in 2014! According to data provided by Hanley Wood and Remodeling Magazine, 61 percent of remodelers surveyed expect to complete kitchen projects.

What are new trends in kitchen remodeling heading into 2014?

With many Indianapolis remodeling projects – the bigger the better, especially in the kitchen. People need room to cook their meals and socialize with others and having an open concept kitchen is seen to be more beneficial than compartmentalized designs.

With the same concept of socialization, many kitchens still value kitchen islands – a popular kitchen trend that hasn’t changed in years. Having extra places to sit alongside a kitchen island makes the kitchen multifunctional and inviting for guests.

Having extra space in the kitchen is important – but so is it in the sink! Many kitchens have multi-purpose sinks with drain trays, cutting boards and even a separate prep sink to watch out fruits and vegetables used for meals.

These days quality is important in a kitchen. People want their kitchens to be remodeled with quality materials and quality products that last.

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