Home Additions

Life changes and so can your living needs. Sometimes you find yourself needing a little extra room, or perhaps a big room, for whatever comes your way. Home additions are a simple way to live in a bigger home without the hassle of moving. Aeschliman Remodeling and Construction can help you meet whatever needs may arise.

Whatever you dream of, our design team works with you to make it happen. We create spacious areas so you can fully enjoy your home at all stages of your life. Whether your expanding a room or adding a completely new space, our expert designers will have your new area blend perfectly with the older area, giving the home a natural flow.

The Process

Our goal is for you to be happy. We begin by learning about your needs, lifestyle, and budget. Once we understand these needs, our design team springs into action, helping you create the perfect space.

Added Value

When you add to your home, you also add to the value. Aeschliman takes every step necessary for the project to go smoothly: From obtaining all necessary permits, to design, to execution, then completion of your home addition, Aeschliman takes care of it all. Rest easy knowing we also use eco-friendly materials that can save you money in the long-term.

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